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“I used to buy weed right there,” the actor Miles Teller says, pointing cheerfully down a sun-dappled street in New York’s East Village on a Sunday afternoon. “This dude’s name was Zach. I met him playing basketball at the NYU gym.” Teller, 27, is in town for the New York Film Festival screening of his new movie, Whiplash, but that’s not until later, after a dinner that he’ll probably skip in favor of lounging around his room in the Bowery Hotel, watching football and “laying on my girlfriend’s ass.”

Until then, he has decided to amble around his old New York stomping ground and ponder his past. There’s the joint where he’d frequently chow down on Philly cheese steak, there’s his favorite cheese shop (“You could get a quarter wheel of brie for a dollar fifty!”) and there’s the dorm of a girl he once dated. “It was one of the few where you could have your own bedroom — you didn’t have to share it,” he tells me, with a little half-grin. “So that was a big perk, obviously.” Suddenly he stops in front of a theater where the sign out front broadcasts the title of his not-so-romantic romantic comedy. “Hey! Two Night Stand is playing there! It’s only in five theaters in the whole country, so. . .” He snaps a picture of the marquee.

On the surface, Teller seems like the sort of guy for whom only five theaters would be totally fine and excellent. Tromping down the sidewalk, he exudes the easy-going dudeness for which he’s typically been cast — a high-fiving, wisecracking bro who can charm his way out of mischief of his own making. Today the effect is amplified by a backward baseball cap, a Grateful Dead T-shirt, and faded jeans. “I feel like such a hillbilly. You know what it is? It’s the Croaklies.” But looks deceive: Teller is quick to explain that the one thing he shares with his character in Whiplash is a keening ambition. “I want to be talked about the way people talk about Hoffman and De Niro and Pacino,” he announces.

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