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Miles Teller — the “Divergent” star who’s getting Oscar buzz as an ambitious drumming prodigy in “Whiplash” — told us Monday night he hasn’t beat the skins much since the film wrapped, and he’s moved on to a new role as a boxer.

“I haven’t had the time [to play drums],” he said. “One of my buddies plays guitar. When he’s in town, we’ll drink some beers and play, but I’ve been boxing . . . That’s the other skill I’m doing.”

Teller’s now filming “Bleed for This,” playing boxer Vinny Paz.

“Boxing training is insane . . . I ice my hands, ice my feet, ice everything, everyday.”

But at heart, he’s still an up-and-coming Hollywood leading man.

“I feel all right with my boxing, but in general, I always try to avoid getting hit in the face.”