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During the 87th annual Academy Awards ceremony over the weekend, MTV News spoke briefly with Miles Teller about how the well-received Fantastic Four trailer reversed the initial negative buzz surrounding the Fox/Marvel reboot. “You can’t please all people sometimes,” said Teller. “When you shoot a movie, especially when it’s with this movie and Josh Trank – he has a very specific tone whether it is Chronicle or [Fantastic Four], but as an actor you don’t really know what kind of movie it is until you see them cut it together. Now’s the first time we saw any footage, and I was excited, and I know for the most part it seems like that the consensus is good.” After revealing that he’s heard rumblings of additional filming for The Fantastic Four involving the third act and the Negative Zone, the MTV News reporter had then asked Miles Teller if he’s done with filming. “I don’t think it’s done until you’re at the premiere,” he replied.